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Like a Discount Descant

I’m starting to gear up for the Christmas season although the biggest musical event in the church calendar – the carol service – is going to have to be online this year. My plan is to put out recordings of the carols we are going to use and invite members of the church to send me back a recording of them singing along.

I’ve got a head start because, for several years, I supported choirs at St Clement’s with digitally created renderings of the different voice parts. However, up in the new place, I want to go one better and provide backing tracks with at least some of the parts sung rather than just played.

The soprano part (melody) is generally fairly easy, although I’m an octave lower than the typical female soprano, and the bass parts are the ones I’m most familiar with. I can do some of the tenor ones and I’ve made a start on getting Jane to help out with the alto lines (those I could probably sing but it would take extra work to learn them properly).

The biggest challenge are the descant parts in some of the carols – I’m definitely in the discount rather than top notch category when it comes to those parts. I did manage the one on O Little Town of Bethlehem with only minimal use of pitch correction but I’ll be glad when I can get some proper descants to fill in the gaps!

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