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Not even very good at losing…

Unless you have been living with your head in the sand – or are one of a worryingly high proportion of US Republicans – you probably immediately guessed that I’d relented and decided to publish something about the US election and the man who appears likely to have to live with the ‘loser’ label he so derides: Donald Trump.

The only reason I can see for him not conceding is that he is mad. That isn’t a qualified medical diagnosis but Trump appears to have more in common with a spoiled child than what one might expect of even a minor politician let alone someone who crowns himself leader of the ‘greatest nation in the world’. One wonders if his real ambition is to be a monarch like, say King George III (yes, that one – I’m not sure Trump reads much history).

One question which I haven’t seen satisfactorily answered is, if Trump did such a brilliant job as President, how was it possible for this election to allegedly be so comprehensively rigged against him. Trump’s answer, which showed up earlier today on Twitter, is this:

For years the Dems have been preaching how unsafe and rigged our elections have been. Now they are saying what a wonderful job the Trump Administration did in making 2020 the most secure election ever. Actually this is true, except for what the Democrats did. Rigged Election!

@realDonaldTrump, twitter.com, 3:59 PM ยท Nov 13, 2020

No, that doesn’t make sense to me either. You made it more secure than the one you narrowly won in 2016 because of the electoral college system, except for the bits that show Biden appears to have roundly beaten you both in that system and the popular vote?

Twitter is an interesting factor. It appears to give us a direct feed from the President but, when I read through it, I find it confusing, cluttered and partisan. I don’t see much that reminds of Jesus and I’m deeply confused why he seems so lauded in many evangelical Christian circles in the states.

My understanding is that, assuming Trump does end up leaving the White House without kicking off a civil war, Republicans are in a strong position. Biden has won but other parts of they system are still strongly Republican so he’s not going to find it easy to enact all the bits of legislation some claim caused them to vote for Trump. Surely the best of both worlds and not a sign that your electoral system has collapsed.

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