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Off on (virtual) holiday

If there’s one type of vacation which is ideal for 2020, it is a virtual one, where you stay at home and use a few prompts to spark your imagination. It’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and, of course, avoids all the issues that a global pandemic creates even for national, let alone international travellers. Therefore, this weekend, Jane and I are (virtually) off to South Korea.

We bought some ingredients in a local oriental food store a few weeks ago and on today’s trip to the supermarket I slanted the weeks shop towards fresh things we needed to supplement the packets and jars, like spring onions and red chillis.

So far we’ve done our ‘flight’ by enjoying some Berliner doughnuts and then dined in Korean style with thick pancakes with added vegetables and prawns accompanied by spoonfuls of Kimchi (our first encounter with this famous Korean food – we must have picked a western-friendly one as I’ve heard that some people find it highly off-putting).

Later this evening, we might watch something in Korean (with subtitles) and then tomorrow we’ll do some virtual touring with a tool like Google Earth. Food is also catered for and we’ve got meals planned to keep us going until Sunday lunch. Oh, and no jet lag either!

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