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On Day Two, We Ate…

On our second day of virtual vacation, we’ve done a few different things, like a Google Earth fly-by of some areas like Jeju Island (off the south coast of the mainland) and watching some Korean TV (The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015) is a funny kind of superhero / detective mash-up). We have also done some non-Korean things, like a bit of work in the garden and going for a walk up to nearby Dishley Pool. However, the main flavour has come from the food.

From the bit of research I did, Koreans often have last night’s leftovers for breakfast the next day, so we had more of those pancakes, topped with a fried egg. Lunch was the best meal of the day – a ‘kimchi soup’ with onion and chicken, which I cooked up some noodles in. That was spicy, warming and filling and fuelled our afternoon walk. Dinner (another kind of noodle, some kale from the garden and ‘pork and chive’ pancakes) was okay but I wasn’t very satisfied with the cooking instructions. I’ve got a similar recipe in my cooking library though so I plan to dig that out before too long and have a re-run.

We have a little more to go tomorrow before we ‘travel home’ but, right now, I’m ready to enjoy a nice deep sleep.

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