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Back in August, we decided to buy a shed to go on our patio. Getting a covered storage and work area for “dirty” tasks like woodworking and gardening is a real boon. There was a small metal storage unit in the garden but it wasn’t enough to stand up in and, by the time we got even part of our practical tools into it, too full for ease of access.

In theory, it should have arrived in 4-6 weeks after ordering, so I set to work on relaying the patio to give a good base for the shed. I got that done and waited…. then started chasing. In the end, it has been more like 12 weeks and I was getting impatient. I know that COVID-19 has made a bit difference to all sorts of things but the suppliers could have done a much better job of keeping us updated.

Anyway, it finally arrived today – delivered and installed. I’ve already started to fill it up but there is still space to work inside. Over the next few weeks, I need to configure it to be a practical area and then use that to start progressing other projects I have in mind, like installing a gutter on the shed and putting a cover over the space at the side of the house to make it suitable for all-weather working.

Here is a picture:

Shed - 2

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