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Too Much Green Tomato?

All of the tomatoes we have harvested this year have been green – late in the ground and no protection. However, there are recipes for green tomatoes, like frying them or making chutney and I have been using those.

Not all green tomatoes are equal though. I think there is a difference beween the ones that go a very pale green and the ones that are a darker green – the latter would potentially have ripened but I don’t think the latter would have done. When I added some green tomatoes of both types to bulk out a stew earlier this week the bitter taste should have made me cautious but I eat much more of it than Jane and finished the rest the next day.

I think that was probably why I was up all last night vomiting! Not a pleasant way to spend the night and I’ve been pretty washed out all day. I shall be more careful in future as this is an experience I don’t want to repeat.

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