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Christmas is always a busy time for music at church, with a bunch of songs to be dusted off for their yearly or even less frequent outing, extra services and quite frequently a scratch choir to pull together. ‘Twas the case at St Clement’s and doubly so at Thorpe Acre church, where I’m working as worship pastor rather than just volunteering as leader of the music group. And, this COVID year, despite not having services where we gather large congregations to sing, seems busier still.

The challenge is that we need music we can freely use in the online services and other videos we put out. Most carols are in the Public Domain and other songs we might want are covered by our CCLI licence but, since we are embedding the songs in longer services, they need to be ‘home made’. Frankly, I want that to be the case anyway – still our people making Christmas music rather than just consuming what others have done.

So, less time producing physical copies of music… but a lot more on music production and (when my deadline for contributions has passed in a few days) pulling together video productions showing the lyrics over background images too. Hard work but I think it will be worth it.

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