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Christmas Plans… would be nice

Rumours are that the Governments of the UK’s four nations are reconsidering the COVID-19 rules for Christmas. I put it to them that they really need to make up their minds as some of us have made plans and we need as much notice as possible if rugs are going to be pulled out from under them.

For example, we’re reaching the point where, if you haven’t posted it, the chances of it getting there for Christmas are increasingly slim. If people are going to put off cross country visits to friends and family, there are probably presents to be set for delivery. There are many knock on consequences too – for example, the question of who has ordered large quantities of Christmas food and who has ordered none.

I understand that things are moving fast but it would be nice to have government that could cope with planning for complex situations like this one or, say, Brexit, with a few degrees more foresight and consideration of the impacts. Nation sized ships can’t turn on a hairpin: more careful planning and less unfounded promises please.

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