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You can watch that video from 10:30am on Sunday morning (we use the “premiere” feature on YouTube to release it so that a chunk of the congregation can watch it together at the same time). If you do, you’ll see the short notice sermon I mentioned previously and a couple of points where I have taken the liberty of pasting corrections over the video.

Neither were major heresies. At one point I falsely attributed something to Martin Luther (not a bad image but, as far I could see in the researches I did while editing, probably one that I should take the blame for). Later on, I read from a section of Mark’s gospel but my mind was on a parallel passage from Matthew’s gospel: both are set just before the feeding of the 5,000 but the one I read talks about Jesus welcoming the disciples back after a ministry expedition while the one I expected to find shows Jesus mourning the death of John the Baptist.

There may of course be other errors I didn’t spot!

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