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Getting Some More Background

One of the investments that has stood me in good stead this year is my personal photo library. I haven’t done a huge amount of photography for a few years — partly because I’ve still got a backlog of photos to work through — but in the few years following receipt of my first DSLR camera (Nikon D40, Christmas 2006 and still going strong) I took a lot of photos including many landscapes and abstract shots.

Quite early on in producing song videos that we could use for our online church output (home grown recordings of public domain or CCLI licensed worship music), I decided that there were a lot of disadvantages to filming myself singing the songs. It meant I had to consider camera angles and lighting as well as trying to get it to sound good (not to mention the hours in costume and make-up… okay, that last bit isn’t true). Working solo, it was too much to balance and only served to emphasise that it was mainly me putting it together, so I shifted to mainly putting lyrics over suitable images to accompany multitrack recordings that I could build up more carefully.

All of a sudden, those hundreds of photos that I’d carefully filed away a decade or more earlier came into their own – my own personal stock library to which I owned full usage rights. The challenge is that some types of photos work better than others. Most of those which have a clear and identifiable subject aren’t ideal for use as a background. Anyone who has followed my output will have spotted that a few pictures have come up more than once.

So, a creative challenge for me in the coming months is to increase my stock to include a wider collection that might fit so that my library stays fresh and alive rather than decaying like fallen leaves in winter.

Fallen Leaves
Fallen Leaves in Winter

… like this photo I took from yesterday morning’s early stroll up Beacon Hill. Work has begun!

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