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Have Yourselfa Merry Little Chrstmas

Today is the day when I close the books on the Christmas music that I’ve been inviting members of my church to contribute to, finish off the mixing and get them all wrapped up as short videos to insert into our online carol service. That goes live this Sunday evening so, given we need to advertise it ASAP and I don’t get the URL until I upload the final video, there’s going to be quite a lot of editing work over the next couple of days.

Sadly, that means it is too late to do any of the tunes in 15/16….

Christmas Songs, but they’re in 15/16 time

As a music educator, Adam Neely hits it out of the park in this one, using arrangements of Christmas songs to illustrate three ways to get very different feels out of the 15/16 time signature. These are difficult times but musicians should watch this gift of a video and learn.

(ps. if you didn’t realise, the title of this post is a homage to how some 15/16 music sounds but, as the video shows, not all of it).

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