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Saturday’s dinner (finished off this lunchtime) was jackfruit curry. It is an exotic fruit in the UK but I’d heard of it before and, having spotted some pre-made packets of curry using it, I was tempted by a can of the stuff.

Subsequent online researches suggested that it can be made to taste a bit like chicken, if you have a non-meat chicken flavouring to hand, but I decided to go with using it just for some extra texture. Did it work? It certainly served to bulk things out and looked a bit like shredded chicken but, if I’m honest, the flavour got lost underneath the curry spices and I think the sliced peppers added a more noticeable texture.

I’m inclined to stick with cheaper alternatives, like chickpeas and beans, if I want a meat free curry. Worth a try though and I might give it another try, especially if I find somewhere I can get the fresh stuff (or a cheaper tinned version – Morrisons was about £1-60 for a 400g tin so at least 4-5 times more costly than bean-based protein.

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