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In software, my bit discovery of this year has been HitFilm Express. Looking back, I see I had installed this free video-editing package sometime in late April. I can now report that I perservered with it and have far exceeded the reach of what was possible with iMovie. In particular, I can stack up multiple layers of video; when I was looking at going beyond two layers with iMovie, the general advice seemed to be to export a version of the movie with two layers, import it back in and then add the third layer.

I can confidently say that we would have had much less ambitious video production had I stuck with the original tool. It would also have been tricky when I realised that I needed to get a new computer to cope with the processing. By switching to Windows 10, I was able to get a much more powerful machine with better cooling for less than getting my foot in the door with Apples most basic suitable offering and that was facilitated by HitFilm Express being available on both platforms.

There are other cross-platform video editors out there and other free ones. Hitfilm Express happened to come to my attention when I was looking at making a change because someone else I knew was also using it and I’ve since been able to pass it onto another person. Definitely my software discovery of the year.

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