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Snow and Rain

We had snow this morning. I knew it was going to be cold but, when I’d previously checked the forecast, snow wasn’t on the menu. When I was in the bathroom, something about the light from outside caught my eye, even though the windows have obscure glass (patterned to allow light but mask image clarity). Once I’d finished in there, I checked from another window. Sure enough, there was not only snow on the ground but large flakes continuing to fall.

By the time we’d had breakfast, the snow fall had come to a temporary halt. We headed out for a stroll and noted how little evidence there was of other people having been out for a walk down our street. As we crossed the nearby industrial estate and joined the canal footpath, we saw a few more sets of footprints but not a large number. It came onto snow again but, by the time we’d reached our target, where the canal joins up with the River Soar, that was turning to rain.

It did lean back to snow as we walked back and stayed on the ground throughout the morning but it has largely cleared during the afternoon and, as far as I can tell, is pretty much all gone now. At present, I’m not expecting more snow in the next few days but, baby, it’s cold outside!

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