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Tree Planting

I wonder how many trees I would have to plant to offset my carbon emissions over my life time? It’s a hard figure to calculate but, if you took all the car, bus, train and plane journeys (and perhaps a bit for huffing and puffing up steep hills on my bike), it would probably be quite a few. Since I haven’t been an extensive flyer, perhaps that would be lower – a couple of trips to the eastern side of Canada, one to the south east of the United States and a few trips to various locations in Spain.

It is still hard to put a number on but I might have got a good way towards it today, when Jane and I volunteered for a local ‘green gym’ project and spent the morning planting whips (small, young, bare rooted trees) of various native species at Charnwood Water in Loughborough. The whole group of us (5) managed over 250 between us. One of those turned up quite late, after first going to the wrong location, and the ranger in charge had lots of other duties to attend to so Jane and I probably managed over 100 between us and almost all of my flights have been shared with her.

I don’t know if that fills up our required carbon offsetting or what difference that really makes but at least there are some more trees out there which in years to come should benefit wildlife as well as making a minor positive contribution to climate change.

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