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A Meaty Breakfast

Jane has watched a lot more period dramas than I have and informs me that, in Jane Austen’s day, they often had much more substantial breakfasts than a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast.

Today, we went for an early morning walk down to town. It was as quiet as we hoped and we hardly passed anyone, so a very suitable exercise jaunt. We went as far as the local music shop, Just Music, so I could stare through the window (nothing to tempt me, fortunately!). However, we’d spotted that Brookes (a local butcher) was open early so we popped in and picked up a couple of slices of pork to cook up when we got home.

We each had a slice along with a bread roll for breakfast and I’m only just starting to feel hungry. I did have a bit of fruit (a banana and a date late-morning) and a 3 or four bourbon biscuits with a cup of tea mid-afternoon. However, considering that I’ve been working reasonably hard all day (retrieving a couple of unwanted chests of drawers this morning, breaking them both apart and then continuing with my wood store project this afternoon) that’s pretty good going.

An experiment to consider repeating.

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