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At Work Already

Not “work” work (although I’ve done a little of that earlier in the week) but I’ve put a bit more labour in out in the garden. We’re in the process of moving a metal tool store from one part of the garden to another — disassembled about a month ago, foundation prepared in the last fortnight and, today, some work on the base of the store itself. That involved removing some wood that was quite rotten and replacing it. That sounds simple but there were enough complications (like having to chisel out rebates to accommodate a fitting on the frame) so that was my morning’s work done (and probably enough outside for today).

Since we moved in, we haven’t done a huge amount in the garden but we’re getting to the point where more significant changes will be taking place and I’d better get back to regular photos to document the work. So, not exactly a New Year’s resolution but there’s definitely some gardening to do in the months ahead.

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