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Coffee for Breakfast

Okay, if I’m honest, it was a full English and coffee for breakfast. I normally go for something a bit lighter but today was a men’s breakfast event for the church (obviously still not at the church), which meant cook your own and then sign into the Zoom meeting.

We often have guests and today Colin had arranged for Darren Howie to join us. Darren is an Anglican priest with a dramatic history – a seed that has flourished despite starting off in what seemed like the most challenging of soils. He’s also a bit of a coffee expert and started a social enterprise roasting coffee in nearby Derby in 2018: Sacred Bean Coffee.

If he’d been able to join us in person, he may have brought samples but, better yet, when it is possible, we might take a trip over and learn a bit more about the art of coffee roasting, which would be a fascinating experience.

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