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Force Restart

The first thing I do most mornings is pick up my iPad and skim over social media and news updates, check the weather forecast and read a news story or two in a bit more detail. Not this morning though – the screen was black, with a small, spinning wheel icon in the middle and the iPad was unresponsive to pressing either the home or the power button.

I was pretty sure that I needed to do a “force restart”. Yes, that does sound a bit “Star Wars” but it is the official nomenclature (here’s the help page I looked up to check) rather than “forced restart”. And, sure enough, that did the job – holding down the home and power buttons until the system changed to the white screen with the Apple logo.

All is now back and running although I’m having to relogin to certain services. I don’t recall having to do this before. I’ll have to see if it becomes a more frequent behaviour! Now, I wonder what is happening in the news….

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