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(Unexpected) Water Feature

When I looked down the garden this morning, it took me a few minutes to realise that we had a new water feature:

Water Feature
Water Feature

As I write, the birds are exploring this new, elongated bath although I don’t imagine they are short on options at the the moment! I think the path is particularly affected because it is among the lowest parts of the garden, enclosed on either side with brick edging and, although the stones should help with drainage, they aren’t very deep and the soil underneath will be very compacted from being a well-used walkway.

It isn’t just the path. You can see the glint of water among the grass (and moss) just to the right of the edging and there’s part of a sunken bed (top left) which is also presently submerged). There isn’t much chance of the house (at least a foot and a half higher — you step down from the patio into the garden) getting flooded but the garden is going to be sodden for a few days after this present spate of heavy rain (today… and tomorrow) has passed.

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