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One of the challenges of being a double bassist is storing the thing. One option is to keep it in its case and leaning up against a wall but that is a strong disincentive to practicing the thing. In consequence, I’ve generally tried to keep the instrument out on its stand. That makes it easy to get to but it also takes up a lot of space. Finally, after a bit of head scratching, I have worked out what I think is going to be a better solution:

Double Bass Corner
Double Bass Corner

The door in my studio room is set on an angle and we ended up with an awkward space behind it, which I used to store a few mic stands and the like. What I’m trying now, is fitting the bass in there, as shown above.

Its main support is the side of the body, which leans against the wall but that isn’t quite stable enough on its own, hence the box at the top of the wardrobe you can see on the left hand side. That is fastened to the top of the picture rail and also has an extended lid which runs back across the top of the wardrobe so it isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t very pretty but this is a prototype; I can work up a more beautiful one in better materials once it has demonstrated its functionality.

What about the door slamming into the bridge of the bass? Not a problem, because I’ve laid a plank along the skirting board. As a flat item, it is very stable sitting against the skirting and wardrobe. I worked out the closest I’d be willing to let the door come to the bridge (about 2cm clearance) and cut an angle at that end of the board so it firmly prevents the door swinging further (with a bit of felt to soften the motion). You can see that in the bottom right.

I’ve even found a location to hang the bow!

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