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Low to Highly Strung

Hurrah! I’ve passed the minimum target for my RPM2021 project, creating at least twenty minutes of original music. Here is the track that has taken me past that line:

Low to Highly Strung

How did I do it? I spent a session exploring some of the effects in my Helix LT that extend and develop their input signals – a glitchy fuzz, some modulation and a selection of delays and reverbs – and then hit record while I got round to changing the strings on my bass. Given that it’s a headless design, I could have been done a lot quicker but I also wanted to give the fretboard a clean and also to play a bit with the noises being created.

Is it music? I’d argue yes although you would be hard-pressed to hum it back or to dance along. It is improvised and it embraces the accidental. However, it isn’t just a recording of background noise because I was listening and interacting. I had an expression pedal set up to adjust the time setting on one of the delays and I was listening to the rippling sound for points where it was tailing off and I wanted to give it another input. Music: controlled noise making!

You’ve got a mix of the Helix effects and the DI track, which I’ve applied other treatment to in Logic and I’ve panned them on opposite sides. Along with the stereo nature of many of the FX (like the ping pong delay), this creates a wide listening field. Do I expect many people to listen to it all the way through? Probably not (although you are very welcome to do so) but it does achieve my other goal, providing me a deep sonic mine which I can draw on for video and music projects in the future.

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