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RPM 2021

I’ve signed up for another ‘Record Production Month’ challenge. This follows on from my offerings in 2018 and 2020, which are both available on my Soundcloud account. The initiative has been running since 2006 so I am still a relative newcomer but it has been a valuable incentive to just get on and record some new music.

Several of the tracks recorded in the halcyon, pre-lockdown days of February 2020 were pressed into service in various videos I’ve produced since that became a major part of my job in the last year. I’ve decided to seize the opportunity to splurge out some more music because it looks like it will have potential currency for a few months to come, even if there is very little chance of a Grammy coming my way!

The rules have been relaxed this year. Rather than a single target of at least 10 original tracks or at least 35 minutes worth of original music, you can sign up for different options. In the first instance, I’ve signed up for just the EP level (5 tracks / 20 minutes) but I will see if I can push towards what they are now calling the LP level (10 tracks / 35 minutes). I am fairly confident that I won’t get near the new ‘Box Set’ (30 tracks / 100 minutes) unless I go for full-on cheat mode (eg. extended droning soundscapes in the full range of major and minor keys, which could be useful but would seem to be missing the point).

No, I haven’t finished or even properly started anything yet but keep your ears open.

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