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Back Garden – March 2021

Looking Down on the Back Garden - March 2021
Looking Down on the Back Garden – March 2021

I would have said that the garden wasn’t looking very different to last month but, comparing today’s photo with last month’s one, there are quite a lot of changes to note.

If anything, the garden looks more autumnal, which is thanks to the ‘Red Robin’ (Photinia x fraseri) plants in our garden and at the far of our neighbours. It is putting on new growth, which is red, and shedding old leaves in the process, which are also red. It is spring and I expect there will be a lot more green growth by next month.

You can see the results of the tree repotting Jane and I did last Sunday too. Yes, we still have those big black (well, faded to grey) pots but the trees in them have changed. Pruning has been done – the rose bush you can see and the one you probably don’t spot from a distance at this time of year have been cut back to allow for new growth. We’ve also grubbed out the bushes and other plants under where the polytunnel frame sits. If I’d taken this photo after we finished work today rather than before we started, you would see the rest of the central circle on the path has come up and we’ve moved more turf across too.

Finally, there is a bit more on structures. You can see a second wood store against the tool store at the far end and another cover for a small polytunnel. By next month, we should also have the cover on the main polytunnel and be starting to grow stuff in there. A bit more labour first though.

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