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Today is census day in most of the UK (Scotland is waiting until 2022) and I completed it online. This is my second census since starting this blog and it doesn’t surprise me to see that I wrote about it the first time, back in March 2011, under the straightforward heading of Census. Then I was impressed by the website and it remains well presented and clear.

Well, except for one section. I had a few minutes of panic around the qualifications question. It asked if I had qualifications at degree level or above and I said yes. The next questions asked me about NVQs (no) and A-Levels and GCSEs. For the latter two (yes and yes), it wanted to know how many. Why didn’t it want more details about the higher qualifications? Had somebody mucked up the flow design on the website? There is, after all, a significant difference between getting a BA(Hons) and getting a PhD.

I guess they don’t need that level of detail and the online information about how it was developed seems to back that up. I do think they could do with an explanatory note though, so I made sure to follow up my census submission with a short comment on the potential confusion.

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