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Pedals The Musical

The intersection of those who are interested in guitar pedals, those who can tolerate musicals and those who love a good dose of the absurd is probably fairly small (although perhaps higher among my blog readership than the general population!). However, if you are in that group, you might be interested in Pedals The Musical.

Pedals The Musical

This is the brain child of Josh Scott of JHS Pedals, a fascinating, engaging and deeply eccentric individual. I follow his YouTube channel, enjoy his humour and deeply respect his knowledge around the field of effects pedals. He presents a history of the early days off these devices, picking out highlights across the 1960s, backed up with music, dancing and, natch, singers dressed up as giant pedals!

It’s almost half an hour long and I did break my viewing in two parts… but I had no doubt that I wanted to come back and finish it off.

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