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Swan Lake

Mute Swan
Mute Swan

The photo of a mute swan above was taken almost exactly nine years ago when Jane and I visited Slimbridge Wetland Centre in 2012 but we saw one or two swans this morning. Our first siting was a small flight of about five or six, travelling more or less above the canal. A little later, after taking a stroll down the canal towpath and deciding to walk the circuit back via Dishley Pool, we lost count of how many were floating on the water or standing at the side.

There were all ages, from mature birds to ‘teenagers’ still showing a hint of their juvenile plumage. I’d estimate at least fifty swans in all and possibly more, which might be the largest bevy of those birds I’ve seen in one place. Or, to use a different collective noun which the Internet offers, the largest ballet of swans I recall witnessing on one lake.

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