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This is Why You Need a Toolbox

I’m having a busy week. For a ‘normal’ Easter, I’d probably be writing arrangements for songs and putting the finishing touches to service orders for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. As it is, I’m mainly in front of my computer screens, preparing videos.

I hit a problem yesterday when I was trying to record our YouTube service. I’d forgotten to bring my regular power adapter to church and I think the one I squirreled out of my office wasn’t up to the job as, about twenty minutes in and in full flow, the little red light on the camera went out. I tried a couple more times but got less than a minute each time. I called it a day and recorded the thing again this morning, with no technical glitches. However, I thought I’d be clever and cut in the readings I’d done yesterday but it turns out that my main video editing software, Hitfilm Express, can’t open the audio track on one of them (doubly frustrating because I only need the first 30 seconds or so).

That’s where having a selection of tools comes in handy. In this case, the Windows 10 video editor proved to be the one that let me remove the stone from the horse’s shoe. I think I’d be banging my head on the wall in frustration if I tried to use it for most of my editing tasks but it was able to read the files, trim them, combine them and save them that I’m back up and running with Hitfilm to finish the job. Sometimes just having one favourite tool isn’t enough.

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