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Vanilla Marshmallows

Our local Lidl is having a Polish food week. The particular treat that caught my eye was a box of ‘vanilla marshmallows’. These are little blocks of sweet, gelatinous marshmallow covered in a thin, dark (UTZ certified) chocolate. On opening the box, I was disappointed to find they were a little smaller than the picture had suggested but, after my first bite, that disappointment went away.

For one thing, they are a very good balance of both tastes and also textures. This is a marshmallow I recognise but I’d describe it as a more traditional feel than the pink and white ones you might get to roast over a fire or the mini ones for sprinkling on hot chocolate. The other factor is the sweetness. I haven’t checked to see exactly how much sugar one of bite-sized chunks has but, judging from the fact that it provides an immediate and tangible buzz, I would the answer isn’t far off ‘a lot’!

Probably just as well they are small; if they still have some next time I am in and the best before date isn’t too soon, I might pick up another box to save for later this year.

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