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An early delivery

It was a (wonderful) surprise this afternoon to take delivery of two water butts I ordered last week. Evengreener, who I ordered them from, indicated that demand was high and it might take up to four weeks for the order to be fulfilled but that was only last weekend.

I’m not sure how big the water butts we had in Oxford were (possibly 210l apiece, which seems to be a standard size) but these each take 350l and are massive. I’ve got room and it will be a boon to hold that much water but I will need to give a second thought to where to position them. I will also need to make sure they are on a good footing; when they get full, they are going to be heavy and the last thing I want is for them to sink unevenly into the ground and topple over!

We even have some rain today, for the first time in a long time. I think the small water butt we already had (100l?) will be able to cope with the next day or two but I’ll see if I can get the new additions on stream as soon as possible.

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