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And relax… (Easter 2021)

During my career, I had resisted working on Sundays but, since becoming a worship pastor, they have officially become part of my necessary working schedule. That has been less the case during lockdown, when most of my effort is expended on editing the online video earlier in the week but today, Easter Sunday, was a more full on day. There was a pre-recorded, online service that went live at 10am but we also had a small live service in the church at 9:30am, which I led, and a Zoom-based service from the church at 10:30am, which I did technical gubbins and led a song for.

If we need to do another Zoom service, I think I need to up the game on the technology side. Zoom’s ability to put live pictures over Powerpoint slides seems attractive but you end up with very small people and you might as well not be live in the church at all. I also need a better way of monitoring the sound; I think I was using the internal mic on my MacBook for the first half. Fortunately, I’d brought my Zoom H1 so I was able to swap that in partway through.

Now I’m saving the recording with a few tweaks to try and improve the sound and cover over one or two of the gaps, such as when we came out of the slides for the talk and then had to jump back into them from the beginning. More to learn but that can happen after Easter and, once I’ve got the final video uploading to YouTube, I can sit back, relax and enjoy the glorious sunshine on this, the most glorious of days.

Meanwhile, here is the pre-recorded version of the service that I also led live this morning:

Easter Sunday at Thorpe Acre Church

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