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Not Yet Smart

We were due to get a smart meter fitted this afternoon. We switched to Octopus Energy when we moved in last summer and we’ve been very happy with them. Because of that — and since they are fitting the second generation smart meters which are promised not to turn into bricks should you decide to move to a different supplier — we decided it was time to take this step.

Unfortunately, the engineer explained that, although a small door gives easy access to our consumer unit and meter, he also needed to get to the incoming feed and the fuse attached to it. This is contained a very neat piece of DIY cabinetry which sadly neglected to included any way to easily remove the hardboard and veneer covering those items.

So, one of my current DIY jobs is figuring out how to re-engineer this so that the vital components are protected from splashes (being located in the downstairs loo, boxing in is essential) but are also accessible when required. I’ve done the first stage, peeling back some of the covering. Now comes the more involved process of working out how to re-do it better and then, finally, we can get smart.

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