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I miss not having my gardening data from the last twelve or thirteen years available on the (now defunct) My Folia website. I rescued it before the site closed but it isn’t easily browsable at the moment. One day, I’ll be able to integrate it with my own FloraFolio database. Meanwhile, I’m back to a bit of guesswork. To be honest, gardening always has to involve observation of what is happening in the environment and response to it.

Today, it was tomato time. I started seedlings in late March and, a month later, a lot of these have reached the point of showing their true leaves. They were in small pots so I’ve planted the strongest out in the polytunnel. The rest of the germinated ones will get moved into bigger pots, probably tomorrow, giving reserves in case of early losses or ones to give away to friends.

Now, I’m looking forward to seeing them grow.

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