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Vintage Look

I got the church service for Sunday lined up today. You can’t watch it until the service premieres on Sunday morning but you can see that I got onto a vintage vibe for the graphics:

Service for 2 May 2021

It’s hard to explain how those vibes come together. While I’m watching the service on Tuesday morning (where we record it) I’ll often get the germ of an idea, which will take further shape during the editing process. The title of the sermon was ‘A Divine Appointment’ so I wanted a ticket. We also had a reading from the King James Version and the preacher told a story about Billy Graham meeting one of his long-term associates way back in the 20th century. Bit by bit, things came together. My sketch of the tickets had an Art Deco vibe, refined by looking at some examples online. I put a gold layer over the picture of the church I have been using since last May and it interacted to give a dated look to the photo.

Of course, a vintage church service wouldn’t be pre-published on YouTube and the content is very much for now. I hope the art direction doesn’t detract from the message but is appreciated as part of my ongoing expression of worship through creativity.

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