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Weady to Womble

An exciting community development we have become aware of in recent months is the rise of ‘litter womble’ groups. We’ve joined the North Leicestershire gang on Facebook. They consist of volunteers who chose to go out and collect the grot that so often gets left behind along the highways and byeways of our land.

The local council supports this work. Last week we got a supply of bags and this week we got a couple of high viz jackets and litter pickers so we decided today was a good time to put them to use. One thing we didn’t have was hoops to put the bags over. From previous experience in Oxford (veterans of the annual OxClean events) it’s hard to manage a bag in one hand and a picker in the other. We have some blue piping in the garden, designed for moving water but also handy to create hoops over crops. There was some spare so I did some experimentation and came up with the design below:

Homemade Bag Ring
Bag Hoop

The clips, made from segments of the ring that have been sliced down one side, are a bit tight to get on. They should soften up a bit over time but hopefully not so much that they lose their grip. They certainly proved their worth this morning, giving a gaping maw into which to deposit recyclables (one bag) and other grot (one bag). We also bagged an old bike tire (which I might be able to use to make more bag hoops – proper wombling, like the 70s TV show), a busted umbrella (sadly, just bin fodder) and a short wooden post that joins my woodstock.

Anyway, that’s a little stretch left better than when we found it:

Cleared Footpath
Cleaned footpath

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