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Diem carpe’d

East Goscote - May 2021
East Goscote – May 2021

I am pretty sure the title of this post probably doesn’t mean “day seized” in Latin and it probably isn’t worth me looking up how to invert the motto carpe diem (“seize the day”). Diem carpe est? The above digital painting is flowing and loose or, as a discerning critic might call it, unfinished because I had a moment of opportunity yesterday afternoon.

I’d taken my iPad to sketch with Procreate while Jane attended an appointment that had come up for her to have her second COVID-19 jab a couple of weeks early. She asked if I could have mine and, since I was just over eight weeks past my first one, they were happy to do that. Therefore, it was time to stop sketching and get my second vaccine shot.

Later in the afternoon, we both felt a bit tired and muzzy but, so far, neither of us has had further side effects this time round. It doesn’t, of course, mean that we will be completely immune to the disease, even once the second dose has had a week or two to reach full efficacy. However, the risk of catching COVID-19 is much lower, if we do catch it the effects are likely to be less and we are playing our part in reducing transmission around society as a whole. That’s worth leaving a sketch unfinished for.

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