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Dinner in the Garden

Not me but this sparrowhawk. You can see him sitting on the fence. His face is not very clear in the photograph below but at least you are spare the details of his meal.

Dinner in the Garden

I think the meal was one of the sparrows who makes use of our Photinia shrub. As we ate our meal last night, we saw the sparrowhawk swooping out of the bush and then settling on the fence further along. I watched with binoculars for a while and then popped upstairs. My 70-300mm lens isn’t amazing for this kind of work but gave me the opportunity to get a reasonable shot. I’ve done some further work using the GIMP but the basic colours (including the blush of red Photinia on the left, contrasting with the foggy green on the right, from the edge of the bathroom window) were in the original.

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