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Having figured out how to get OBS installed on my Windows system, it now creates a new problem to solve: how to get my camera working in the Facebook messenger client.

OBS is software for manipulating video streams. It gives me a live preview of what my external USB camera sees and offers much more control that I can get out of the built in Windows app. For example, I can now record in full resolution whereas ‘Camera’ only seemed to give me a maximum of 720p. That’s what I normally produce my videos at but I like to film wider, giving me options for cutting in and other virtual camera effects in the editing.

Zoom coped okay (although I did spot that OBS had popped up as a camera option). The simpler Messenger, which I needed to use for a chat tonight, didn’t seem to give any additional options. The quick fix was to swap to my iPad but, now that meeting is over, I need to dig in and see if I can figure out what is going on.

You get one thing set and something else falls over!

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