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Getting ahead(phones)

Last weekend I stumbled while walking around with my headphones plugged into my iPad and the cable popped off the connector. They’d given good service but they were pretty cheap and doing a repair looked tricky. I decided that I’d manage for a few days with my backup earbuds and invest in some new cans.

In fact, I decided to get two sets. The first pair were Gear4Music HP-210s. Pretty cheap but they are cheerful enough. Those will be my headphones for going out and about or my second pair for when I’m working on both my laptop and desktop machines and don’t want to keep switching the lead from one to the other. They aren’t wonderfully comfortable but they sound okay; on a par with previous sets I’ve owned.

The other pair are a step up. I haven’t gone crazy but I went for a set of AKG K52s. They are well-reviewed and, without a doubt, are the best cans I’ve ever owned; great sound, very comfortable and a decently long lead so I’ll be able to reach for instruments and other things when I’m using them for music production. What I won’t be using them for is walking around; I’d like to keep these ones for a good long time.

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