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Players Path – Stevie


A year or so ago, I signed up for membership of the ScottsBassLessons.com website. This includes not only a forum but also loads of learning material, including courses, seminars and more. For example, this week I was able to catch up with an hour long masterclass from Michael League (of Snarky Puppy fame). That was a recent recording but, if I’d been free at the time, I could have attended the live session and posed questions directly so, while not quite the same as a one-to-one, face-to-face lesson it is still an incredible resource, giving me possibilities that would otherwise be impossible.

Part of the site is an area called Players Path (sic). Yes, I’m sure there ought to be an apostrophe but I am presenting it as seen. I’ve recently finished working through all nine levels but I didn’t record any of my work. Now I am taking a second run through and this time my intention is to capture my final performances of each piece.

Back at level one, the playing isn’t making me break a sweat but I’m concentrating on figuring out how to do the recording. I’m running a Zoom Q2n 4K into the Camera on Windows 10, so I can record the video and monitor it on screen. At the same time, I’m recording my bass through my Helix LT into Logic Pro on the Mac, where I’ve set up the backing track to play along to. Audio and video get merged together in HitFilm Express and I think I’ve got the essentials down.

Now to keep going and get back up to the levels where I can’t just sight-read the pieces cold.

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