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The Glass Room

I have been known to return from the library and discover that one of the books in my haul is one that I’ve previously read. I still keep tabs on my library on the LibraryThing site and so I find out when I get round to entering another set of ‘read but unowned’ volumes. When you read a lot of books, titles and even plot summaries and first pages can easily be forgotten.

Sometimes though, you stumble across a book you missed in the series. Recently, I was able to return to visit Loughborough library in person and picked up The Glass Room by Ann Cleeves. I thought it was a new addition to the Vera series but it turns out the original publication date wasn’t 2020 (that edition) but 2012 (buried further down the page). However, it was one of those missing gems and means I’ve now read everything featuring Vera Stanhope to date except a short story called Frozen.

As well as filling a gap, it wasn’t a bad police detective novel either and also confirms my suspicion that Brenda Blethyn, who breathed life into the role on TV, is far too slim and glamourous based on the original descriptions. The programmes are still worth watching but the book series is even better to look into, whether through The Glass Room or another starting point.

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