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Car Share Watched

I see that I posted about Car Share (2015-2020) back while watching the first series in 2015, back in the heady days when iPlayer was free for catch-up watching without a TV licence. I got a copy of the DVD edition for my birthday earlier this year, with both full series and some extras, and finished watching up to the grand finale last night.

My overall impression remains the same: it is a highly commendable piece of work. If you can cope with some strong language and references, then it is very much worth watching as an example of what can be done creatively within the limit of a significant restriction (in this case, mainly working on two characters sharing car journeys together). The DVD edition is a good choice as it brings a good resolution to the drama – I’ll have to check to see if it includes last year’s bonus, audio-only episode.

Still recommended.

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