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Does This Look Like a Crown to You?


The many photos I took in my early days of having a DSLR have been a real boon over the last year and half, providing me an ample stock library that I have been able to draw on for my video creation. Sometimes though I need something I can’t find in the collection; sometimes I need something I don’t need and don’t have to hand.

There aren’t any crowns lying round the house but, as I was sketching out ideas for this Sunday’s service (with twin themes of kings and choices), it struck me that a fork is used to illustrate a point of decision and looks somewhat crownlike. Now, forks I have aplenty.

There was a small challenge: how do I hold the fork, hold the iPad which I used to take the photo and press the onscreen shutter button. It turns out noses are wonderful things! Sunday’s video uses a version where I’ve stripped out the background but this is the original version with just a little post-production work in The GIMP.

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