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Loss and Praise

The news came early this morning that the congregation had lost a dear and much-valued member. How, then, to proceed with the service that was planned?

In the end, we ran it fairly much as anticipated. Before the service, I have been running 15 minutes or so of worship music provided by members of the team and I told them the news just before we started. My voice caught on one or two of the lines but this was the sacrifice of praise that had been prepared.

At the beginning of the service, the news was announced and the leader led in a prayer for the bereaved. Not far on, I was due to lead the somewhat cheerful sounding ‘Praise Him on the Trumpet’, based on Psalm 150. As I stood up, I noted that it might feel incongruous but it was either written by David or in the same spirit as David composed and he was a man who knew sorrows and woes but determined to give God his due and exalt the Lord at all times.

We miss our departed brother but we have confidence that we shall one day stand beside him again, expressing our awe, wonder and gratitude to our Risen Lord.

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