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Wasabi Ice Cream

Does that sound delicious? I wasn’t sure but it sounded interesting and with enough novelty value to make it worth picking up a small pot for when Magnus was staying last night. I wasn’t sure how they would go about combining the pungent heat of wasabi with the sweetness of ice cream. Perhaps it would lean towards the more complex, fragrant taste that fresh wasabi is reputed to have?

Before you rush out to your local Lidl to see if they have any in stock, do read on. I don’t think they got much beyond taking plain ice cream and mixing it with cheap wasabi paste. If that doesn’t sound enticing, then you probably won’t be keen on it. Perhaps I could try making a salmon mousse and serving it with a dollop of the ice cream as a starter?

This is not a combination I expect to buy again even if they do continue to stock it.

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