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Whatton Gardens in the Rain

This morning, we took a trip to nearby Whatton House to visit their gardens. Unfortunately they aren’t an RHS partner garden so we had to pay for admission but the place is not far beyond the first village north of Loughborough so it was easy to get to.

Being wet, we almost had the place to ourselves. There were one or two other people around but, for COVID safety, you couldn’t do much better. It was lovely to explore round and we came away with one or two ideas for our garden, even though most of it is on a scale we can’t begin to replicate.

The main downside is that there was no plant labelling in place. We can recognise a lot of plants so it wasn’t a complete loss but sometimes you see something you would like to make a note of that you can’t place. It would be great if they did join the RHS scheme, so our membership will let us in for free, and also if they could learn about labelling from the RHS gardens, which tend to do this very well.

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