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From the Firehose

I’m not entirely convinced about the way the rainwater drainage system is set up around our house. All of the main roof gives out onto a gutter that discharges into a single downpipe, which runs the water down the extension roof, into another gutter and thence, finally, down to the drain. The extension is only a few years old (although it predates our stay here) but, over time, I expect to see a channel carved out in the tiles if no changes are made.

It also means, in heavy rain, that so much water shoots down the extension roof that it overshoots and hits the ground rather than making it into the gutter. The other day, I put a tub out and, in a downpour of about twenty minutes, managed to catch a decent amount.

I had the bright idea of trying a little extension to direct the flow into the gutter that I put up on the nearby shed. That runs into our rainwater collection system which is our preferred source for watering the garden. I taped a couple of spare pieces of guttering together this afternoon to bridge the gap and we had a patch of heavy rain which demonstrated that it worked. Indeed, it worked almost too well!

I had worried if my shed guttering, which is relatively narrow gauge, would be overwhelmed but it coped very well. However, our big water butt filled up much more than I expected. It was safely off overflowing but I don’t think I’ll keep my bridge up overnight or when we’re not on hand to monitor until we’ve got our second large water butt and a safe overflow system in place. Feeding from this ‘firehose’ is rather more successful than anticipated!

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