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Third Time’s a Charm

I had another OS update to install on my Mac today. Download, restart, wait a bit and… oh, it looks like it might have frozen as there have been 37 minutes to go for at least half an hour. I felt underneath and the laptop was pretty hot so I powered it off, let it cool and restarted … after getting a fan in place to keep the air moving.

I thought the second time was doing better but that got stuck with ’18 minutes’ to go. I turned it off, left it too cool and looked up some troubleshooting pages. This evening, stone cold (or at least room temperature) and with the fan underneath the desk (metal with punched holes, so hopefully all helping on heat disappation) I set it going one more time. Finally (after I’d gone off to clear up the dinner stuff), it finished booting.

I think the issue may actually have been to do with disk space. The disk is too small to hold all the files in my Dropbox account and, as I’ve been using the laptop less recently, I might have got a bit slack on the discipline of setting things to online storage. With having produced two service videos this week (the Sunday morning one and a memorial service yesterday), I think the disk was getting tight but the update process didn’t give me a sensible warning on this. Once back in, the system seemed a bit sluggish but I spotted an error message that set me on a rapid bit of clearing up.

Panic hopefully averted after the third time of asking but probably time to do another check to ensure I haven’t got anything essential that isn’t backed up either to Dropbox or my network attached storage device.

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