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Jane and I showed up for the Green Gym session at Booth Wood today. This is organised by the company which contracts to look after the wilder green spaces in Charnwood but, to keep up the scale of the task, they need the help of volunteers. However, that is a net good: it gives people like us a chance to spend time outside maintaining the environment but with enough direction to know that we are doing more good than harm.

Today we weren’t strictly trailblazing (cutting brand new paths) but we were reopening paths that had, in some cases, become almost completely overgrown. The fruits of our labour won’t necessarily last that long unless people spot the revealed paths and start walking them. Plants like brambles grow back quickly but they don’t tend to swamp paths that are frequently used.

We’ll see… but it isn’t the end of the world if we have to go back and do it again sometime.

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