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Bass Night

Subconsciously, it must have been bass night at Loughborough Acoustic Club this evening. I’d decided to take my electroacoustic bass but there was also another electroacoustic down there and an electric bass supported by a small, battery powered amp. That’s the first time I’ve seen any basses down there since it came back from lockdown and stopped setting up the in-house PA.

Two songs led by me tonight – Spencer the Rover, a kind of antimatter folk song where nobody dies and it all ends happily, and Down the Hole, a gospel blues calling for a gravelly vocal. Keeping up with voices and guitars in a relatively large room is a challenge on an electroacoustic bass but I used my three special techniques:

  • Play with a plectrum, which gives a strong volume boost to the front end of the note
  • Play plenty of chords (more vibrating strings means more volume)
  • Sing loudly and confidently, using the bass to adorn the voice rather than trying to hide behind it.

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